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Spoiler alert!

As a business owner you have one secret ingredient in your marketing formula that can impact your success: storytelling. Your words matter! Using a clear, compelling narrative that connects to your customers and captures their attention is key in your marketing. Plus this will set you apart from your competitors and create loyal customers – double win! Ok, so why is storytelling so important?

First, we need to go back to basics and consider how our brains process information. Every day, we are all bombarded with a variety of messages. As this is happening, your brain is doing two primary tasks: trying to survive and thrive and conserve calories (or ignore information that doesn’t help us survive or thrive). Clarity is key to cut through the clutter and get your customer to pay attention. This is where story comes in.

Therefore, by using story based formulas in our marketing, we can position our products and services in a way that people pay attention to. For example, think of one of your favorite movies or books and what they have in common. We bet it goes something like this…they start with a character, who has a problem, and meets a guide who gives them a plan…and yep, you are hooked!

So let’s take this same storytelling formula, and apply it to your marketing message. You first need to know your customer (the character) and understand what problem they have. Next, you want to position yourself as their guide and offer a solution to solve this problem. Remember, the problem is the hook of any good story. By using this approach, you will capture their attention and connect to your customers. The important thing to keep in mind that when it comes to your marketing message, your customer is the hero – not you.

A great story will capture attention, drive action, and give you a competitive edge. So, the next time you want to create a marketing message, remember your secret ingredient – storytelling!

Not sure where to start and how to make the customer the hero? Schedule a call and we can help!

Love to read and want to know more about storytelling? We highly recommend Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller.

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